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The misadventures of a misfortunate dog


DOG X BLOODS is an adult visual novel game that contains depictions of violence and sexual content.

Please do not download this game if you are under 18.

With your support, we can improve our studio and enhance the game!

The Story

The misadventures of a misfortunate dog.

DOG X BLOODS tells the story of a protagonist cursed with terrible misfortune. At a funeral, he meets Bei, a cunning silver fox who seems to understand what the protagonist is going through. Under Bei’s guidance, the protagonist learns to work around the curse and explore its many hidden secrets…

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The Characters



The Protagonist

25-year-old Tugou 

  • Plagued by misfortune.

  • Will not let death take him.

  • It all began when the elevator broke…

  • Seemingly cursed for life after that day.

Qianbei “Bei”

(Supposed) 30-year-old Arctic Fox

  • ​The protagonist’s chauffeur.

  • Part-time sex therapist

  • Part-time guardian of the protagonist.

  • Loves B movies and cheap entertainment.




  • 【DEITY】

  • 【OF】

  • 【DEATH】

"The Prince"

(Supposed) 21-year-old Husky

  • Sex worker.

  • A celebrity in the Red Street (red-light district).

  • Prone to nosebleeds.


The “Cop”

32 year-old Rottweiler

  • Works as a police officer.

  • His adoptive father is the Police Chief.

  • Well-off.

Immortality is an illness for which there is no cure.


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DOG X BLOODS: About the game

DOG X BLOODS is an adult visual novel game made by WetDogs​ studios. 

Players will experience the story as the protagonist. The truth unfolds in three unique plotlines. 

The game has seven chapters each with three different plots. Each plot offers about an hour of gameplay.

​The meaning behind the name DOG X BLOODS:

First, in Chinese, "dog blood" suggests that the story is cliche but with a tasteful twist...


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Sticker Pack

We have a free sticker pack available thanks to the wonderful artist Wolfsoul!

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